Preschools – The importance of early childhood education has been proven and gardening is a natural way to engage the younger learner. Many preschools emphasize creative play and hands-on activities and the garden provides a real and authentic medium for this learning.

Public Schools – The public schools of Massachusetts serve nearly one million students annually. The administrators of these schools recognize that not every child learns the same way and that alternative programming provided by School Sprouts Educational Gardens offers an opportunity to improve student performance while engaging the learner.

Private Schools – Many area private schools focus on the needs of the learner in creative and innovative ways. A School Sprouts Garden Program can help meet these needs through hands-on garden-based education that inspires creativity, allows for self-expression, and produces tangible results.

After School Programs – After school is a natural time for playful learning, learning that happens when no one realizes it. A School Sprouts Educational Garden offers a fun, hands-on method to engage the after school student in a project-based learning environment.

Community Centers – Community centers engage youth, families and their communities in a wide variety of activities. A School Sprouts Educational Garden provides a space for celebration and education around food, and family!

Teacher Workshops - School Sprouts also offers teacher workshops and educational consulting services. If your school or educational program is interested in implementing a garden classroom, we can help guide the process from creating curriculum connections to developing hands-on garden lessons. This work is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the school or organization. Please contact us for more information!


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